Wild boar – Mountain

The wild boar (sus scroafa), Subspecies: Carpathian boar (s.s. attila) a large-sized subspecies with long lacrimal bones and dark hair. The male is called a boar, the female is called the sow and the baby (10–12 months), Juvenile; (0–10 months), Squeaker.

The length from the tip of the rat to the root of the tail in the male is about 200 cm, the height at the withers is 100 cm and the average weight is 150 kg live and in some areas with abundant food, the boar can reach 400 kg live. The mating season is different in lowland, hill and mountain areas, starting in some areas in September and ending in December. In Romania the wild boar is spread from the high mountainous of Charpathian areas up to the Danube Delta.

Main method for hunting wild boar is the driven hunt. Large areas of dense forest are beaten through with dogs or beaters to drive the wild boar towards a line of guns, which shoot the wild boar on the run. This is an incredibly exciting form of hunting, the sound of a wild boar running through the cover towards you as you wait for your chance of a shot through gaps in the bush or across a track is hard to beat. The top trophy in Romania was homologated with 144,00 CIC points, while the top 10 trophies are over 137,00 CIC points.

Period of Hunting

  • Driven Hunt From November 15 to January 31
  • Stalking ALL YEAR (only male)
  • High and Seat ALL YEAR

Price offer for Wild Boar Driven Hunt

  • 0 wild boars hunted but with minimum 30 shots fired from hunters = 200 euro/hunter/day;
  • 1 – 5 wild boars hunted = 350 euro/hunter/day;
  • 5 – 10 wild boars hunted = 450 euro/hunter/day;
  • 10 – 15 wild boars hunted = 550 euro/hunter/day;
  • 15 – 20 wild boars hunted = 750 euro/hunter/day;
  • 20 – 25 wild boars hunted = 950 euro/hunter/day;
  • 25 – 30 wild boars hunted = 1300 euro/hunter/day;
  • 30 – 35 wild boars hunted = 1700 euro/hunter/day;
  • 35 – 40 wild boars hunted = 2000 euro/hunter/day;

Driven hunts with 10 – 25 hunters (perfect 15-18 hunters) because is mountain area with big open spaces to cover

High Seat hunting type:

Fees for Length of Tusks EUROEURO/mm
Up to 12,00 cm400 
12,00-14,00 cm550
14,00-16,00 cm650
16,00-18,00 cm850
18,00-20,00 cm950
>20,00 cm1,050+ 35 / mm
Piglet max. 50 kg120

The price includes:

  • 2 day guided hunting
  • Assistance throughout the hunting
  • Planning a hunting ground (holes, huts, tents and camouflage towers, decoys, callers and others)
  • Dogs for hunting
  • Return transfers between the airport and the hunting district
  • All transport in the hunting district

The price does not include:

  • Accommodation
  • Trophy Fees
  • Shipment of trophies home
  • Recording in full hd video and pictures of the hunts (extra costs)
  • Drinks, gratuities and everything else not mentioned under “the price includes”

Accommodations Price:

  • Accommodations Package (for 3 nights and 3 meals/day), hunting transportation, trofee preparation : 500 euro/hunter/Package

The following list of items is what AHSFT (Association of Hunters and Sports Fishermen Tomis) considers to be a necessity to enjoy a wild boar hunt in Romania to the fullest, and we suggest not leaving home without them.

Medication / Toiletries:

  • First aid kit, personal medication
  • Painkillers / aspirin
  • Dextrose (eg dextroamphetamine Energen) / multivitamin-mineral
  • Wound Creme (eg Bepanthen) wound disinfectant ointment (eg Betaisadona) for minor injuries
  • Toiletries / paper handkerchiefs / Hakle Feucht


  • Caliber(30-06; 8×57; 9,3×62; 300wm; 8x68S) / ammunition(norma orix, vulkan) blaser cdp, cdc) rws uni classic, brenneke tog, sako hammerhead / lockable gun case / riflescope 8×56; 2x12x50; 2,5x15x56; 3x12x56
  • tripod , bipod
  • Hunting knife max. 14 cm blade length
  • Backpack special for mountain
  • Spotting scope / binoculars professional
  • Flashlight and headlamp
  • Travel Alarm Clock
  • Charging for Batteries
  • Sunglasses for shining days


  • Breathable, lightweight clothing (best Sympatex / Goretex)
  • Lightweight Loden jacket / windbreaker
  • 2 light but tight pants
  • Light sweater
  • Spare clothes (underwear)
  • Belts / Braces
  • Handkerchiefs / towels
  • Very good, well broken in heavy mountain shoes (no sneakers) with silent sole
  • Socks / Tights / Spats
The 3-star pension is located in a very beautiful mountain area with a fascinating landscape. It is the ideal place for comfort and hunting surrounded by nature beauties.

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