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Adrian Matei

Adrian Matei – President of AHSFT (Association of Hunters and Sports Fishermen Tomis)

  • From 1993 to 1995 hunter practicing
  • Hunting license obtained in 1995
  • Honorary President of the National Club of Pointing Dogs
  • Breeder and trainer of pointing dogs and wild boar dogs – Casa Matei Kennel for over 15 years
  • Hunting and beauty contests won with all the dogs from Casa Matei Kennel
  • I’ve been organizing hunting since 2000 on all species of hunting interest in our country
  • Our association has collaboration agreements with many Private and State Associations all over Romania for the organization of hunting parties.

The Association of Hunters and Sports Fishermen Tomis, Romania is established on 2010. Personally I accompany hunters in Romania since 2000. Since then I am constantly on the road with our guests. Based on my long experience with the organization and the full service during the hunting trips to anywhere in Romania I have taken this big responsibility which is also great obligation for me. We (my collaborators and I) will advice you about the hunting opportunities in the different parts of our country, about the possibilities in the hunting areas and the nature specificity of our country. We are offering expert help for your planning overall trips. This covers not only service during the hunt, but also individual approach to the journey.

Our association manages a number of 5 hunting funds covering all the relief areas in our country: Mountain, Hill, Plain and Danube Delta. The Romanian hunting don`t have equal in Europe becouse it is wild and is very difficult to obtain the trophy, but when this is done then you get some great and enviable trophies from across Europe.

Mountain Hunting Fund: It has a total area of 15107 hectares, which 13800 hectares is forest. There is no human settlement on 70% of this area, so we find pure wildlife and special landscapes and over 10 mountain peaks marked on the map. As a fauna, we find the following species of hunting: fox, badger, wildcat, lynk, wolf, roebuck, carpathian red stag, brown bear, chamois, capercaillier, grouse, forest woodcock. For hunting difficulty areas we have solutions for those who want to hunt in the mountain but hunters with physical or medical problems can not keep up with this area.

Hunting Fund in the Hill area: It has a total area of 9109 hectares, which 3046 hectares is forest. The area is great and we can find a variation of land from the hill to the mountain. It is accessible to all hunters regardless of their physical or health problems. Like wildlife, we find the following species of hunting: fox, badger, wildcat, lynk, jackal, wolf, roebuck, carpathian red stag, brown bear, forest woodcock.

Hunting Fund in the Plain Area No.1: Total surface 6781 hectares, which 2565 hectares is forest. This large forest area, which is compact, is located near agricultural land, so the fund is unique as a biotope for roebuck and wild boar and that’s why we find special trophies. As a fauna, we find the following species of hunting: fox, badger, wildcat, jackal, roebuck, wild boar, woodcock, pheasant, rabbit, pigeon collar, skylark, quail. Access and hunting very light with best results.

Hunting Fund in the Plain Area No.2: Total area 8207 hectares, which 400 hectares is forest. On these hunting grounds, which is very close to the Black Sea and line border with Bulgaria, we find an extremely good biotope for migratory and autochthonous birds and being so close to the border, the big hunt is always in transit. As a fauna, we find the following species of hunting: fox, badger, wild cat, jackal, roebuck, wild boar, carpathian red stag, woodcock, pheasant, rabbit, pigeon, skylark, quail. It is accessible to all hunters regardless of their physical or health problems.

Hunting Fund in the Danube Delta: A total surface of 28243 hectares, as you know the Danube Delta, is the perfect biotope for all the hunters of wildlife in the plain area and of course for everything both native birds and migratory birds. For this time, only the wild boar and raptors, like fox and jackal, are hunting on this area. The fact that this area has been closed to hunters over the past eight years has led to the development of wild boar has reached alarming proportions for landowners and the damage done by wild boar is enormous. Hunting is easy and accessible to all hunters and with outstanding results considering the large number of wild boar.

For us is very important not only your hunting success, but also to enjoy our wonderful country and Romanian hospitality. Further we intend to present always update information on the diversity and distribution of wild populations of different species in Romania and even the overall organizations of the hunt in Romania to you and to our business partners abroad. Romania is famous around the world with the quality of the trophies. In many excellent hunting areas in our country can be organized chamois, brown bear, wild boar, red stag, roe buck, wolf, wild duck, wild goose, etc. hunt, as well as predators and feathered game hunt according to the individual guests’ preferences. Meanwhile our clients can attest that hunting with us in Romania is a real and a positive experience, and they are already thousands of foreign hunters.

As a serious and professional hunting company, we stand behind our offers and its services. This is expressed in succession of continuing study and control of our partners in the legal form of our company, which meet 100% of all problems. Trust our experience of place and will not be disappointed. We will be glad to welcome you as our guests in Romania.

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